Our goal is to finish the feature documentary PIECE OF MIND in 2019.  If you are moved by the trailer, please make a generous donation in any amount now to support completion of this important film.  With a $100 donation your name or someone you designate will be in the credits of the film.  All donors will receive a Thank You letter from the filmmaker.

There is a list of Rewards on the film’s GoFundMe page.  Watch the video with introduction by Sheila Ganz, Director, find out more about the people in the film, and decide on the Reward you want for the donation levels.  Donations on this page are not tax-deductible.

To make a tax-deductible contribution, you many donate to the film project via our non-profit fiscal sponsor Women Make Movies here.  Or you can send your donation check made out to “Women Make Movies” to:

Sheila Ganz, Director
Pandora’s Box Productions
1546 Great Highway #44
San Francisco, CA  94122

Thank you for your generous support for families with loved ones and persons living with serious mental illness!

We are seeking NGO and stakeholder partners in the fields of education and research in mental illness and suicide prevention.  Upon completion the film will screen at film festivals and communities across the country for service providers, law enforcement, faith-based communities, educational institutions, and other venues.  PIECE OF MIND will air on public television.

If you would like to host a fundraiser please email:

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